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Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

Sejarah Desa KarangBaru, Kec. Ciwaru, Kab. Kuningan dalam Bahasa Inggris

History of Karang Baru Village

In ancient times around 1850's, the Karang Baru village was once named the Cimuncang village. The village consists of a boarding school led by Mbah Kyai Hasan Mutoyib and at that time there was a man named Ki Ahmad very brave and feared by society, so Ki Ahmad often perform actions act hard, cruel, and always ask for history or a tribute burning-burning homes for those who do not want to follow or meet orders and his willingness.
Community eventually get bored and annoyed by ahmad ki behavior. on a day society and leading figures in the Cimuncang village resistance to Ki Ahmad. The opposition, led by the leader Kyai Hasan Mutoyib and several other public figures such as Singa yudha, Mbah  Sayuti Malik, Wangsa Chandra  and Bapak Karmu against all the commandments and willingness Ki Ahmad resulting in an exciting fight between community leaders Cimuncang with Ki Ahmad, later in the fight Ki Ahmad lost and died in the river Citaal, his corpse soaked and clamped by a large rock in a river Leuwi Citaal, up until now Leuwi was named Leuwi Ahmad.
After Ki Ahmad died, the Cimuncang village turned into a Karang Baru village on the grounds that it is safe and Karang Baru villages name is taken from the word meaning Karang Anyar new chapter or a new coral so as long as if controlled by Ki Ahmad.
Karang Baru name stands by the story and the forecast of the community leaders will be transformed from a village into a large village that up with to separated of Garajati village and inaugurated into the village on 21 October 1982, his name remains a cimahi until now.

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